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Farewell May and June

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Farewell May and June Empty Farewell May and June

Post by ShiruSenpai Fri 19 Feb 2021, 4:08 am

I had planned on getting two mice from a petshop near college. I didn't really know where to begin but I had a fish tank and I used potting soil and stripped newspaper in it.
One Friday I went to the pet shop to purchase two little girls. The pet shop sold them for snake food and couldn't even sex them correctly. We fished out April first. She was not happy with the way the petshop work had grabbed her and took it out on me by biting me.
May was the palest of the lot and I wanted a champagne mouse. I managed to grab her without getting bitten.
I put both mice in an icecream tub with holes in it and brought them home. I actually had to smuggle them on a train to get them home.
Once we got home I showed them to the fish tank. It was at this point that I realised the tank was way too small. The next week I got them a cage and sawdust. They happily explored their new home and slept in a little plastic house I had filled with toilet paper.
Things seemed to fine until April and May started having disagreements. I thought April was at fault due to there being a cut on May's side so I separated them and introduced them back together two weeks later. It was shortly after this when May lost control of her front legs. She couldn't eat in the same way as April and walked upright like a tiny penguin. The vet said thar she probably wouldn't live long. Luckily, he was wrong. I changed their diet to be high in Omega 3, I reorganized their cage so that May had easy access to everywhere and I even added a tub connected by plastic piping.
April no longer fought with her and they both started warming up to me. 11 months past and I noticed that May was losing hair and over grooming April. As far as I could tell she was either stressed or sick. I had no money for vet fees so I tried to doctor her myself but sadly on the 11th of January 2021, she died of mammary cancer. Leaving April to mourn her little sister.
Two weeks passed and I decided to get April a new friend. I went to another petshop where I was given a mouse for free. Thinking about it now, I should have been more suspicious about that. I brought home June and introduced her to April. They immediately got along. June had been bred to be a pet and not snake food so she was happy to be handled. She had a lighter champagne spot on her back and much laeger feet than May did. Things were going well until I noticed June drinking excessive amounts of water. One day she was barely moving and looking very bloated. I was under the impression that she was pregnant from the other mice in the pet shop. I was wrong. I now think she had diabetes but it was too late. She died in my hand just two weeks after I got her and conveniently on the same day that my mother was diagnosed with cancer.
April is still going strong. She's as happy as ever. I did take her to the vet to have a bump looked at and the vet told me that it could develop into cancer but she's so healthy that it will take a while before it kills her.

Thank you May and June for the happy moments you gave me. I hope I gave you two a good enough life however short it was.

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Farewell May and June Empty Re: Farewell May and June

Post by Dee67 Wed 24 Feb 2021, 10:08 pm

Oh @ShiruSenpai , I'm so so sorry 😞 You certainly did your best by them, and I'm glad you still have April to love. Will you get some more do you think? You must miss them, we grow so attached.

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