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RIP baby honey

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RIP baby honey Empty RIP baby honey

Post by Sweetiehoney Sat 27 Feb 2021, 4:20 am

The friendliest most adventurous mousie Heart honey passed away December 17 2020 1:53 pm. When he was alive I always saw him trying to sneak out of my room and explore, or he was always climbing things. Whenever someone came into my room he would climb up their legs and run to their shoulder. He was so friendly, I originally got him to keep my other mousie Sweetie company, (they were cagemates before I bought them) and Honey immediately brought Sweetie out of his shell Heart It’s been around 3 months now and Sweetie was so sad at first, whenever I brought him out for playtime he would just lay around and not move. He’s feeling better now and he wants to cuddle for hours every night because he has no one else to play with Sad I considered getting a new cage mate for sweetie but hes 1 and a half years this March, so I felt that he might be too old to be introduced to a new mouse. But as long as we have each other he seems fine. Even though they fought sometimes they always went to sleep together and were always exploring right next to each other. Sometimes when I would watch TV Honey would sit on my shoulder and sweetie would sit on my lap. Sweetie didn’t see Honey die, I took him out of the cage when he was sick so I felt like sweetie didn’t understand what happened to his friend so it was sad for a bit but he seems much better now Heart I’m posting this to remember Honey forever, I’m happy he had a good life and was with me and sweetie until the end Heart

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