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Beaphar mite treatment dosage for mice

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Beaphar mite treatment dosage for mice Empty Beaphar mite treatment dosage for mice

Post by zozzlezeb Sun 07 Mar 2021, 3:22 pm

Hey everyone! I am starting to suspect my mice might have mites. I was going to treat them with some Beaphar anti-parasite spot on for golden hamsters and gerbils. I did some research on it and read it's good for mice too. I bought two of these boxes in case I suspected they had mites so I could treat them without having to pay a lot of money at the vet. I was just about to treat one of them until I read the back of the box. The back of the box states that you have to apply one of the pipettes per 50g body weight and not to use it on animals less than 50g bodyweight. Both of my mice are under 50g so I'm not sure if I should still use them. One of my girls is around 40g and the other is skinner and smaller at around 29g. Has anyone used this medication on mice weighing less than 50g? Is there any way I can still safely use this medication on them?
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