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Tank not appropriate?

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Tank not appropriate? Empty Tank not appropriate?

Post by EmmaTheCabbage Sat 20 Mar 2021, 1:29 am

Hello. So I have 2 pet mice in a 39 gal tall aquarium with mesh top. I noticed one of them has lost a lot of weight and it’s making chattering noises and they both sneeze every 20 seconds or so when I get them out. I thought maybe the ventilation was the problem so I got a mini fan for the tank and also wasn’t sure if it was an allergy to the bedding so am currently using a paper towel base. Haven’t seen any improvement in symptoms and have an appointment booked for the vet on Tuesday.
Is it likely my set up that’s the problem? Do you think they’d be ok remaining in this with the fan and paper towels or should I move them into a 10gal with a topper?Tank not appropriate? C2860c10

Image is before I added fan and replaced with paper towel base

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Tank not appropriate? Empty Re: Tank not appropriate?

Post by River Sat 20 Mar 2021, 5:47 pm

It could be. Tanks that are a lot taller than they are wide can cause issues, so I wouldn't rule it out, but that said, mice are very prone to URIs even in wire cages. You could potentially build a topper for this and solve the issue. :0

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