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Traumatized wild deer mouse

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Traumatized wild deer mouse Empty Traumatized wild deer mouse

Post by My2lilmice97478 Mon 22 Mar 2021, 6:21 am

I had the saddest experience:( but luckily it has a ok ending. I am staying in a old rv that is going to be destroyed soon while I watch equipment for a property owner that is subdividing and building homes. I've heard lil mice for a while but they don't bother me any . However I have a 1 year old cat. About a week ago she approached me with a lil deer mouse in her mouth. Being the kinda person I am I felt like I just couldn't deal with it and I put her outside ( bad choice) I immediately regretted this . It's very cold where I live and rainy . I thought about if it got away maybe it would not know how to get home or being tortured. This was late at night. I went to bed feeling pretty terrible. The next day my cat was acting as usual and no mouse was left on my door step so I figured nature had ran it's course 1 way or another and was going to try to forget about it. That night literally over 24 hours later my cat tried to come inside with something in her mouth. At first I didn't let her but then I realized what it was. She came in and set it down. It was one of the saddest sights I've ever seen. Soaking wet very cold, looked like it was near death I was certain it had internal injuries. I got a tissue and picked the lil guy up and just started crying my eyes out . I felt like it had suffered and because of me . He opened up one eye for a second and looked at me. I even took the corner of the napkin and gently dried his lil face off a lil bit( not recommend wild mice can and will bite if very threatened) but I was in a state of complete emotion and not thinking .. he did not bite me he moved his lil paw a lil bit like don't touch my face but nothing else. I got him a little tupperware dish and cut slits in the lid, put soft tissue in it and put it in a upside down beanie hat. All the while I cried. I figured that he was going to die but atleast he would be safe and warm and atleast die in peace vs whatever he had just went thru.  . I put him next to me and went to bed. The next morning to my surprise he was up and looked completely normal!! I still can't believe it but I'm so grateful. I had him rest for the day so he would be fit to get back to his home when I released him ... Buuut I don't know if he is just so terrified he can't think straight or if there was some cognition damage done but he got stuck in a small paper bag for  so many hours finally I got him and put him in a big glass tank. I  heard him and decided with that and the fact that this camper will be destroyed and the wildlife in this area  are loosing their habitat letting him go might actually be sentencing him to death :/ so I set him up a big glass cage with lots of bedding and everything a mouse could want . ( I don't know that he is a boy I didn't look and I'm not going to try to handle him . So I've named him Little Man and decided he's a boy lol )but anyhow he is eating and has made a nest but he of course seems so scared still. I keep a sheet over his cage to help him not be so afraid . Then last night my cat brought me another mouse! But after that ordeal I had told myself I would handle the situation much different if I had the chance.. and I did. And I'm so proud of my cat I swear she is the best cat in the world. It's like she read my mind. I had already set up a clean empty pickle jar incase something like this happened. She brought a new mouse right up to me . She jumped on my lap and I was thinking oh no don't drop it on me! Lol but she didn't! I leaned over grabbed the jar and put it to her mouth and she dropped the mouse in the jar! As far as I can tell neither mice have any injuries. I did the best that I could at looking thru the jar and I'm pretty sure mouse # 2 is a female so I wasn't super worried about putting them together. They are totally fine in the cage together and snuggle together . I don't know if little man is just younger and timid or very traumatized but the 2nd mouse is way more active and spunky. Anyhow I guess I'm hoping to know if anyone has ever had a traumatized wild mouse and I'm hoping with time trust will be built and they will atleast know they do not have to fear me so bad that they tremble :/ thanks!


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