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Minimum Tank Size for ASFs?

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Minimum Tank Size for ASFs? Empty Minimum Tank Size for ASFs?

Post by armlessphelan Sun 04 Apr 2021, 12:43 am

I have a male mouse in a 20 gallon high tank. He was in a 10 gallon with a topper, but I upgraded him about two weeks ago when my Leopard Gecko got a new 20 gallon long. He seems happy enough by himself. However, I found out that a pet shop 2 counties over carries ASFs and I thought it might be nice to get him a couple of female friends to hang out with. (If they don't get along with him, I could easily move him back into the 10 gallon as it's sitting empty right now.)

Would two ASFs and one male mouse be comfy in his current tank? Or should I just leave him be since he seems perfectly fine playing by himself?

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Minimum Tank Size for ASFs? Empty Re: Minimum Tank Size for ASFs?

Post by River Sun 04 Apr 2021, 11:22 am

I'm not sure on the sizing (they're very uncommon pets still unfortunately), but just thought it would be good to mention that the ASF's should be young to be introduced to a fancy; ideally between 8-12 weeks if I recall correctly. Remember to ask the store! Smile

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