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Elderly male mouse no longer smells?

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Elderly male mouse no longer smells? Empty Elderly male mouse no longer smells?

Post by Moose Wed 07 Apr 2021, 6:48 pm

Hello! I know the title is weird, but I’m wondering if I should be concerned by this? I’ll have my little male mouse Jasper for two years this June 1st and recently he’s stopped marking me and his bin no longer smells. I’ve also noticed he’s gotten a bit weaker, but he’s still his lively little self. I also welcome any advice to care for an elderly mouse as he is my first one and of course I want him to be as happy as possible!

RIP Jasper
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Elderly male mouse no longer smells? Empty Re: Elderly male mouse no longer smells?

Post by River Wed 07 Apr 2021, 6:58 pm

That's pretty normal! Their hormones mellow out quite a bit with old age, which would make him less territorial. And less stinky! 

I think 'old mouse care' depends on the mouse. Ask yourself what his individual needs are and how you could meet them. For most I would say put food, water, and other necessities near the nest so they aren't forced to travel very far. They could if they want to, but it'll be on their own terms. Smile

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