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Abscess? Antibiotics?

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Abscess? Antibiotics? Empty Abscess? Antibiotics?

Post by M O U S E Mon 26 Apr 2021, 3:24 pm

So, my girl Roisin has recently had a little bump at the corner of her eye. Of course I thought it was concerning, but there wasn't much I could do about it. But this morning I noticed it was at least twice as large and almost a little red (more like scabbish than inflamed). I took her out, and noticed pus was draining from it.

I now know (after some research) that I should not have done this, but what I did was take her into the bathroom and cleaned it up. It was just a huge pocket of pus. I use q-tips and the saline solution I bought for her earlier eye issues.

I looked this up during school, and it definitely seems like an abscess to me.

How can I treat this? What antibiotics do you recommend? Can you use antibiotics meant for fish or dogs on mice?

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