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which tank?

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which tank? Empty which tank?

Post by housemouze Thu 29 Apr 2021, 3:15 pm

hi all, i currently have three girls in a 10 gallon. right now, i might not be able to make a diy cage/bin cage, so i was wondering given the space i have for a bigger cage, is a 15 gallon tank better, or a 20 gallon high tank? and would it be possible to give them one more friend with these options (although its fine if not)? thank you.

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which tank? Empty Re: which tank?

Post by armlessphelan Fri 30 Apr 2021, 10:46 pm

I think a 20 high would be better than a 15. Depends on the length and width more than the height. Ideally, you would get a 20 long for three females, which is the same price as a 20 high in most places, but I understand that isn't always an option. Definitely no more friends for tanks in that size range.

If you do want another mouse, though, you could get a solo male for the 10 gallon. I kept mine in one for awhile (he's in a 20 high now) and he never seemed stressed. But not all mice are the same.

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