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Mice Dying left and right!!!!

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Mice Dying left and right!!!! Empty Mice Dying left and right!!!!

Post by ApricotWinter Tue 04 May 2021, 11:22 am

Here's the situation. I got a new mouse a few weeks ago, so I quarantined her. First let me explain my set up at the time. I had my buck Acorn in with my mouse Apricot. The rest of my females were in a community tank. So, once this new mouse finished quarantine, I put her in with my buck. My mouse Apricot started to look pregnant, so I put her in her own tank to have her babies. This was her first litter, and she... Well, they didn't make it. So, I put her in the community tank to recover, and gain weight. I came in on Sunday, and Apricot had passed away mysteriously. I was sad but didn't think much of it. Assuming that it was a post-birth complication. Well, Monday I was checking up on my mice, and my new mouse (Fizz) Was laying on the floor of the cage, motionless. I separated Acorn and tried to get her to eat and drink. She resisted, so I let her be. This morning I found her on the other side of the cage dead. I cleaned the cage and went to put Acorn back. Only to find him showing the same signs as Fizz! (Anorexia, and lethargy) I am really worried about my babies. I am wondering if anyone has ever had this happen? What should I do with the rest of the mice? So far, no other mice are showing symptoms. They are all around 6-7 months old. They also always have plenty of food and water available. The temperature stays in the mid 60's with plenty of bedding. They have never had any issues with temperature before. HELP!!!!!!
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Mice Dying left and right!!!! Empty Re: Mice Dying left and right!!!!

Post by Dee67 Tue 11 May 2021, 12:43 am

You need to go to the vet. Someone may have URI and it may be spreading.

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