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Is my mouse pregnant?

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Is my mouse pregnant? Empty Is my mouse pregnant?

Post by Poppy~ Thu 06 May 2021, 3:18 pm

Hi! Yesterday I adopted a female mouse (Popcorn) from my local shelter. Apperently, they had found Popcorn outside and assumed she was a pet. They had Popcorn for a week when I took her home. Now Popcorn is looking either pregnant or fat, I'm not sure which. Thanks.

Here is the pics :

Sorry for the weird lighting.

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Is my mouse pregnant? Empty Re: Is my mouse pregnant?

Post by Peachy Thu 06 May 2021, 5:54 pm

She does look pregnant, but it’s hard to say how far she might be because mice can look so vastly different from each other during pregnancy. If they had her for a week, you have at most (approximately) two weeks until babies. I would let the shelter know just in case you decide you can’t keep them all! Babies are a lot of fun, though. Smile

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