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Treating Mites with Pups (and other issues..)

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Treating Mites with Pups (and other issues..) Empty Treating Mites with Pups (and other issues..)

Post by Nicolademee Sat 15 May 2021, 2:38 pm

Yesterday, i brought home 4 female mice who were rescued about a month ago from a hoarder. Among these girls, one lady (Mama Nutmeg) has approximately 6 pups, likely born Monday night. There is a good chance one other girl, Cinnamon, is also pregnant. While I'm ecstatic to finally have the chance to watch babies grow and give them a good life, unfortunately everyone is unhealthy. All of them have mites, 2 girls are missing tail tips, and Mama Nutmeg has a bad wound on her tail. The last inch is starting to die, and she may have an eye infection. Despite all this, everyone is active, eating, enjoying peanuts and running on their new wheels.

I would like to ask: how old must the pups be to go through mite treatment with Ivermectin? How old do they need to be to be apart from Nutmeg long enough for her to have her tail amputated? When can antibiotics be started for Mama's infection, if she does have it?

Ive already called my wonderful vet for advice, and he should call me back today so we can figure out a game plan. I love my vet, but he doesn't know everything about little ones, so I'd also like to supplement his advice with some from you guys. Another vet is not an option since there are none here besides him.

I'm doing my best for them, but their conditions were horrible beforehand. The bedding was fully soaked on the bottom, like actually WET, and I'm slowly taking some out once or twice a day to replace it. I have only opened the nest box once to see if there were still babies alive after the 10 hours they spent on the road (luckily yes and while i didn't look long enough to count, there did not appear to be any blood), and will avoid changing any bedding from there unless you guys think it would outweigh the risk of Mama eating them. I've given her lots of fresh bedding, paper bedding and toilet paper outside the den for her to bring inside. She does appear to be using the toilet paper. All the others are doing great jobs as nannies while Mama eats and explores. Their old 10gal is sitting inside my Linmon enclosure with a ladder to walk out. I think the other girl is nesting in a box elsewhere in the cage, so I'm expecting more pups from her.

Thank you all for your advice and help, i appreciate it!
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Treating Mites with Pups (and other issues..) Empty Re: Treating Mites with Pups (and other issues..)

Post by Dee67 Mon 17 May 2021, 6:32 pm

@Nicolademee I'm not sure how to answer your questions but it sounds like you're doing a terrific job for these poor mice, and they sound happy, if not fully healthy. Keep us updated, I'd be interested to know what the vet had to say.

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