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Just popped back in—what happened?

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Just popped back in—what happened? Empty Just popped back in—what happened?

Post by Robin~ Fri 21 May 2021, 8:58 pm


Not sure if some of you will remember me but I was active several months ago and took a break after my mice passed. I was a bit bored this evening and decided to check PMF out for ol time’s sake and I’m a little confused? I’m not sure why all the care topics are locked; doesn’t that seem a bit counterintuitive? The general care subforum honestly kind of looks like a mess.

I dunno, maybe I missed all of this and I’m just 200% out of the loop, but being a place I used to visit very often I’m a bit concerned to see so many changes that at a glance seem for the worse. I would have hoped that this forum would have grown over the years to educate more on how awesome mice are as pets but if anything this forum seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Maybe I got this completely wrong lol, hence why I’m asking I suppose.

Hope all your little ones are doing well!

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Just popped back in—what happened? Empty Re: Just popped back in—what happened?

Post by Peachy Sat 22 May 2021, 9:48 am

The forum has been going downhill for years. Making it smaller was an alternative to closing it and directing everyone to a Facebook group. lol

When the forum was busy separate care topics made sense, but we get such few actual discussion posts now that the majority of newcomer questions can fit into the available categories. It makes it easier to find the new posts, rather than wading through inactive places.

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