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Hello Fellow Mouse Parents and Caretakers!

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Hello Fellow Mouse Parents and Caretakers! Empty Hello Fellow Mouse Parents and Caretakers!

Post by Poot Tue 25 May 2021, 9:27 pm

Hiiii, i'm Poot! I named myself that because it's the noise I make sometimes haha. I am a City Greenhouse fieldworker in Colorado, and I am a brand new mouse parent with 4 precious lil female mice I got from Petco!

First off! My whole one moomoo patterned mousie is Nugget! Aka Nug Nug, Nugger, Nuggling, Nugg xD Dad has given her many nick names.
She was first caged with just my dear lil Tendy, the cutest lil black mousie, who passed on two days after she came home with me, from an unknown cause. ( I treated her as well as I could but she was probably suffering from it at the store Sad )
Now Nugget is housed with 3 friends, and is actually beginning to socialize. She will do anything to be as far away from me as possible, I think she was abused in the past :c But I will keep trying my best to be her best human friend! Even if she is a lil brat, aggressively trying to groom her cage mates butts >.>
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My yellow little girl is French Fry, aka Frenchy. She's starting to recognize me as not a threat, and will sniff me and let my hand be near her. I gave her the cat's cat grass today to play in and she apparently really loves to dig! She also loves to sleep in her paper towel tube, and absolutely loves to snuggle with her cage mates!
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Sugar is pure white with lil beady red eyes, she is the most comfortable with me, doing her lil safety dance from her hanging bed to get on to my hand only to poop on me more than once xD She's the most talkative out of the four, I hear her chirp? When I put my hand near her, I hope it's not a URI, it's like very small chittering at times.
I've already lost one mouse from Petco from an unknown illness... Which is why I've joined this site. To give them the best care I can! I don't want Sugar to share Tendy's sad fate  Sad ( No single picture of her, y e t )

And last but not least, Pepper! She's grey with a lil white face, and loves the heck out of Nugget. They're like sisters, they get on the same flying saucer wheel even if it's too small and they run side by side, it's cute and hilarious! She's also probably in heat right now, poor Nugget lol.
Hello Fellow Mouse Parents and Caretakers! F05b66df91f90d451e1c3bf156589b527972d006
( Pepper, Sugar, French Fry and in the far back right, Nugget.) Camera quality is bad cause most pics are either in the dark or right in front of the not so see through plastic :/

Anyway, that's me and my children, I'll get more pictures of them as we continue to grow ever closer! (omg am I glad this site takes bbcode Very Happy )
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