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Ask Your Mouse Breeder... Empty Ask Your Mouse Breeder...

Post by AppleCheeks Fri 15 Apr 2016, 2:37 am

Top Ten Questions to ask your Mouse Breeder:

It is important to remember that in using a "Top Ten Questions" list such as this one, is not meant to be a fail safe score card with every question's positive response delivering a 100% grade or something.

I believe it is best used as a guideline for intelligent conversation between people. Everyone has their own ideas about breeding and all buyers I'm sure have differences in what is most important to them. It's human nature. Using your intuition and getting a sense of what they value in breeding mice can be more helpful ultimately in making your choice.  

This list is merely an attempt to create a guideline of what are good questions to ask when looking for quality mice from a breeder, both local and nationwide.

And, as an added bonus, it may also be helpful to new breeders as a guideline to help raise the quality of their establishment and in knowing what educated buyers are looking for.

A note to potential buyers: Educating yourself first is primary in determining anything about the mice/animals you are purchasing, in making your decision, and in understanding what the answers to these questions may mean to you and your potential pet mice.

Learning terminology and type from an association and/or reputable source is key.

Be sure to ask your potential Breeder what they expect of you too.

1) Do you provide care sheets for your mice? what food are they eating now? What litter? How old are your pups sold? when are they retired?

2) How long have you been breeding? May I see pictures of your mousery?

3) How are your mice socialized?

4) Will you provide a detailed pedigree for these mice? Can you provide a health history of this line? Do you guarantee the health of your mice to some degree?

5) Do you work with genetics in your lines? What is the lifespan of this particular line and are there any hereditary quirks/health issues to be aware of?

6) What are the goals of the mousery in improving the overall standards of mice? What are you currently working on? what have you accomplished in your lines?

7) How many mice do you produce in a month? year? Do you cull your lines? How many mice does your mousery currently house? What happens to the mice that are not used in the breeding programs?

8 ) Are you an active member of a professional mouse association and/or club?

9) Do you show your mice? What class and/or type does your mousery show? What do you hope to show in the future?

10) Who is your mousery's vet? How do I determine/find a good mouse vet in my area?

Ask yourself:
Has this breeder been receptive, accessible and responsive to your questions and inquiries?

I hope this is a helpful tool to the mousing community and to the mice themselves. These kinds of guidelines may be helpful and vital in ensuring quality to newcomers and professionals alike. Our love of mice and our commitment to their care and standards are important as pet mousing and breeding grows to a national level, as it is doing now.

I offer this list to all those that see its value. Please post freely. I ask that it be used in its entireity and not be altered. More specific questions may be desired, I wish to leave them to the individual asker.

Cheers, To the health of our mice and to the knowledge of their keepers!

Originally posted by "Blessedjourney" on The Fun Mouse forum.
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