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Dandruff, red poop, hobbling, scab on ear...

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Dandruff, red poop, hobbling, scab on ear... Empty Dandruff, red poop, hobbling, scab on ear...

Post by M O U S E Sat 05 Jun 2021, 7:05 am


So a while back I noticed that my girl Fiadh was losing some hair on her belly. She's not bald, but has peach fuzz on her belly. She has been gradually losing more hair on her back and legs. The legs have the fuzz, and her back kind of has "cracks" in the fur where it's bald underneath. Yesterday, I noticed that she has a small scab under her ear, her nose is a bit red, she has some dandruff, and while she was out of the cage I noticed her poop was red. I did recently put a red flavored block chew in their cage, but I'm not certain if that is what is causing it or not. She also fell and is now hobbling a bit and when she tried to run on her wheel she hops instead of running. This morning when I got up to check on her, I saw her ears were down while she was peeking out of her nest at me and down for a bit when she walked out of the nest. Then they went back up.

What could this be?

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