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do mice get lethargic when it's hot?

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do mice get lethargic when it's hot? Empty do mice get lethargic when it's hot?

Post by teomodo Tue 08 Jun 2021, 9:33 pm

hello! I've been noticing that two of my mice have been laying around awake on their stomachs recently-- not all the time, and sometimes when I check back later they've fallen asleep. They also pop right up to attention if I get close to the cage when they're lying there, so they're responding to stimuli. It's been HOT and although I've been doing what I can with icepacks and frozen peas and ice cubes in their water, it stays hot and stuffy in our apartment (we can't get an AC). My question is if this is normal behavior for a hot mouse or cause for concern. I just lost one of my girls on Sunday, so I'm being extra careful with the three I have now.
Also, any tips on keeping my girls cool when it's 90+ degrees out?

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do mice get lethargic when it's hot? Empty Re: do mice get lethargic when it's hot?

Post by M O U S E Wed 09 Jun 2021, 12:48 pm

I can't answer your first question with absolute certainty. However, my girls, namely Fiadh, are acting very similar. The thing with Fiadh is that she's a year and a half old, has numerous arising issues (hair loss, dandruff, lethargy...), and is hot. So, I don't know if her lethargy is from her age, issues, or heat. She is acting exactly like you described your girls acting though. How old are they? I would also suggest doing a health check. Listen for clicks, look for scabs, bumps, and any other abnormalities.

If there is nothing wrong with them, it could very well be the heat. People get tired when they are too hot, so why not mice? And if you are hot, they are much warmer than you feel since their bodies are so small.

The apartment I live in can get hot and stuffy too. What I have been doing to keep my girls cool is freezing an empty glass jar to put in their cage, giving them a bowl with an ice cube in it, and putting a bit of water in a dish and freezing it.

You can also turn on a fan (not directly blowing on the cage), freeze some tissues or something to nest with for a while, give them a shallow water dish, spritz some misty cold water just to cool the atmosphere a bit, putting a cool pad (dish or ceramic cup mat), or putting them in the shade if they are by a window.

Hope this helps Smile

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