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MMTV Common Mouse Virus and Human Breast Cancer

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MMTV Common Mouse Virus and Human Breast Cancer  Empty MMTV Common Mouse Virus and Human Breast Cancer

Post by Crabby Fri 11 Jun 2021, 3:05 am

Hello, I have keeped Fancy Mice 3 times in my life, the first time when I was 17. Now I am 36.

While searching the Internet I came across an article about zoonoses caused by mice and there was mentioned MMTV, a virus that is responsible for cancer in Fancy Mice and also in all laboratory and wild mice. Almost 96% of all wild populations and 100% of laboratory populations are infected with it and almost every breast tumor in a Fancy Mice can be traced back to this virus.
It is transmitted to the young in breast milk and eventually causes breast cancer in females, and sometimes males too.

Now studies show that spontaneous human breast cancer (Without genetic predisposition) appears to be often linked to MMTV. However, there is also an HMTV, a virus from the same lineage mainly found in humans that appears to be involved in the development of breast cancer. However, clearly mouse-related MMTV viruses have also been found in human breast cancer. It is assumed that the infection of humans with MMT viruses already took place in the Neolithic or the Copper Age, since such virus DNA was found in human skulls from this time period.
It is assumed by some researchers that spontaneous breast cancer without genetic predisposition can be transmitted from humans to humans, from mouse to human and from mouse-eating animals such as dogs and cats to humans and that this is via bacteria that are in the saliva that act as a transporter for the virus:

Personally, I have strong doubts about keeping mice now, on the one hand I have spent at least 6 years with Fancy MIce and their tumor virus, of course I also had old females who clearly had breast cancer, on the other hand I was perhaps lucky enough not to catch the virus.

Nobody in our family has had breast cancer, I don't want to be the first. It would break my heart to stop keeping mice, but on the other hand i dont want to be infected with a breast cancer spreading virus and spread it even to others.

What do you think, I googled once and found US sites where mice breeders died of breast cancer at an early age, or have breast cancer. Of course I have to say that I don't know whether this women had an MMTV-dependent tumor or other one, breast cancer is very common. What do you think about it and do you know mice and rat keepers who have / died from breast cancer?

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MMTV Common Mouse Virus and Human Breast Cancer  Empty Re: MMTV Common Mouse Virus and Human Breast Cancer

Post by River Sun 13 Jun 2021, 6:49 pm

Wash your hands before and after handling, as I recommend doing regardless, and carry on IMO. There's risk to everything in life and with this being a new discovery, and mice keeping being an old hobby, I'm not inclined to worry. Totally up to you, though, and the decision to play it safe is absolutely respectable. It's your body. Smile

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