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Mouse-safe, natural bug repellant?

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Mouse-safe, natural bug repellant? Empty Mouse-safe, natural bug repellant?

Post by ubemilkshake Mon 14 Jun 2021, 11:32 am

Hi guys, so I've got a bug problem around my home and am looking for some natural ways to prevent them from coming in while not affecting my mice.

I've got ants and sometimes spiders. Bait traps help but the ants also seem to come in from holes all around I haven't or can't reach easily. I was thinking if putting up something like cinnamon scented incense would help but, again, concerned if this will affect the mice.

I researched that things like mint and citrus could help prevent bugs, but also read here that those aren't food-safe for mice. Does this mean that they are just not safe for mice to consume or does it also mean that even just smelling such food would bother/harm them too?

Anything you guys do and suggest would be best?
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