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Healthy weight, but bony?

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Healthy weight, but bony? Empty Healthy weight, but bony?

Post by M O U S E Sat 26 Jun 2021, 5:56 pm


I weighed my girl Fiadh. She is 31 grams right now, which as far as I know is a healthy weight. However, she's very bony compared to her sister, who is also 32 grams. You can feel Fiadhs hip bones without even trying to find them. She also now has scabs along with her hair loss. I'm confused about whether it could be mites or anything like that though, because they haven't spread to Roisín or any of the other pets in the house. Also, the scabs are all on one side of her abdomen. The hair loss is general.

Should I be concerned about Fiadhs weight?

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Healthy weight, but bony? Empty Re: Healthy weight, but bony?

Post by River Sat 26 Jun 2021, 8:04 pm

If she looks underweight, then I would say she probably is. My mice all look to be roughly the same shape, but Otter weighs much more. A healthy weight for Rosin may not be a healthy weight for Fiadh. 

But, that said, her weight isn't super low. I'd add some fattening foods into the diet for the time being (pumpkin seeds, millet, and sunflower seed being what comes to mind) and focus more on fixing what's going on with her skin. I'd say it's more than likely the problems are linked. It could be the stress from her skin troubles changing her appetite, and so on. 

Is it possible she's overgrooming herself, or being overgroomed by Rosin? Have you heard any squeaking from the two or noticed anything else weird?

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