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Tabitha, Farewell Big Mama

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Tabitha, Farewell Big Mama Empty Tabitha, Farewell Big Mama

Post by extralizard13 Tue 06 Jul 2021, 9:04 pm

We only recently adopted her; Tabitha had a blue & tan coat and lovely huge ears and a long, long tail. She was our "big mama," and a fine little lady who loved her mealworms. We adopted her from the breeder, as a retiree mother, and was just over a year old. She had a quick death--not even making it to the vet before she passed--and was always just a little shy, but mostly was very assured what she wanted (snacks). She was known for her slow, open-mouth reach, hoping we're a delicious snack (we are not, sorry).

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Tabitha, Farewell Big Mama Empty Re: Tabitha, Farewell Big Mama

Post by Dee67 Thu 08 Jul 2021, 11:17 pm

@extralizard13 Very sorry to hear you loss of Tabitha, it was nice she had a good home and was able to enjoy some retirement time.

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