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Post by hazelbluebell Sat 31 Jul 2021, 9:50 am

hi! does anyone know what type my mice are, I've tried myself but the info is really confusing about the specific colors. lmk if you cant see the photo Smile

top left is saffron, she has red eyes but you cant really tell in the photo, i think she might be either a dove or champagne marked but I'm not sure which
top right is lavender, she looks like she's white but isn't because she has a patch down her nose that is actually white, she's just pretty close
and bottom is violet, her fur is darker at the base of her tail and on her face almost like Siamese but I don't think you can get Siamese with white patches? I could be wrong there

sidenote this is literally the only photo i have of them that isnt super blurry and its on the way back from the breeders lol, they do not like sitting still Smile

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