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Urgentish- vacation, smoke, old mouse...

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Urgentish- vacation, smoke, old mouse... Empty Urgentish- vacation, smoke, old mouse...

Post by M O U S E Fri 20 Aug 2021, 6:36 pm

I'm going on a 5-7 day trip tomorrow to visit some family members. It's a six hour drive by the way. They asked if I could bring my mouse. Ideally I would, but I don't have ideal conditions.

The car is loud, the driver smokes, and drives fast. Like I mentioned in the last post she is also about a year and a half old, though still in good health.

My roommate pointed out that he thinks she wasn't be better off staying while I go. He says that when I gave her her first mealworm today she was eating out of my hand and running around but wouldn't even let him look at her.

Another thing is I have this nightmare in my head that she'd die while I'm gone and I wouldn't be there for her.

I'm concerned she'd get I'll from the six hour car ride.

Advice? Suggestions?

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Urgentish- vacation, smoke, old mouse... Empty Re: Urgentish- vacation, smoke, old mouse...

Post by cerial Fri 20 Aug 2021, 11:28 pm

I would leave her with the roomate.

The reason is not that she would not get any sleep during the 6 hour drive or sick or stressed.

It is that mice like to explore and I would be concerned about loosing her in the car itself or at your destination.

If you do decide to take her I would remove toys and such from the tank just having a thick layer of bedding so nothing falls. Oh and remove any water bottles as the bumping may let them drip the entire drive.
Hide mealworms in the bedding and throw a soft toy/hide.

A bungie cord around the tank would not be a bad idea in case it does get tipped over.

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