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Post by :) Sun 29 Aug 2021, 10:04 am

Hi! I just got my new fancy mice and now I'm wondering something about socialization. Most of the mice I had before did not show any signs of fear towards me or my hands from the very first moment, so I always introduced them to each other before they started bonding with me. There was only one that showed fear from the beginning and stayed in that state of fear towards my hands forever (I have tried many times to gain her trust but she always seems to go back to that "wild" state in her cage), I wonder if I should have worked the bond with me before introducing her to the others... so this time I’m not sure if I should introduce myself and gain trust to the new ones before doing it with the other mice, they are only a month old and not fully used to human contact (one seems more nervous about it)..... does it really influence the order of introductions?

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Socialization Empty Re: Socialization

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Sun 29 Aug 2021, 11:41 am

DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced mouse-mingler. I am merely a compiler of observation and what I have read.

I suppose you could make an argument that if each mouse learns to trust you and recognizes your smell, it could lead to faster trust between them when they smell you on each other.

That explanation seemed to make sense of why the two office dogs where I worked so quickly accepted my little mouse April as a new buddy (although always kept a safe distance away, just in case), and why April likewise never showed fear of the dogs.

However, a mouse's sense of smell is very sensitive, so it seems they would be able to pick up your smell on just about anything you touch, no matter how briefly.  So maybe my hypothesis is just wishful fancy.

Which brings us back to your particular "standoffish" mouse. Since most of your mice, and I suspect most mice in general, can make friends, get along with, and bond with each other without us getting hands-on, there would be no way to tell, when you bring together a group of mice, which one or ones need that extra attention from us prior to being put together. But since it is advisable to quarantine the mice before putting them together anyway, you can use that time to work on human-mouse acceptance enhancement!

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