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Rehoming Three Sweet Female Mice in San Antonio, TX

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Rehoming Three Sweet Female Mice in San Antonio, TX Empty Rehoming Three Sweet Female Mice in San Antonio, TX

Post by RoseWood327 Thu 09 Sep 2021, 9:55 am

I have three sweet girls that need a new home. I can't keep them anymore because my parents asked me to rehome them, so I have been looking for a new family for them. We are located in San Antonio, TX.
Ebony, Maple, and Willow are a trio of female mice looking for a new home. They are gentle and sweet and don't mind being held. They will take treats from your fingers, and especially love sunflower seeds.
They have lots of toys, including two plastic tube sections, a 4-inch standing exercise wheel, a 5-inch exercise ball (used as a hide), a wooden ladder, a small blue castle hide, and some burlap rope for climbing. There are also two water bottles, a food dish, and a small supply of food and bedding (the bags are already opened). Their enclosure is a combination of two Kaytee Crittertail cages, which provide plenty of space for them to play. There are two six-inch wheels attached to the outside of the cage, as well as several tubes connecting the two levels.
There will be a $30 adoption fee, just to ensure they go to good owners and don't end up as snake food; however, this does include the price of all of the toys and the cage. I can include a large bucket of extra tubes and accessories for the cage for an added $10.
If you are interested, just send an email to this address: or call/text here:

Thank you!

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