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Orphaned baby mouse

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Orphaned baby mouse Empty Orphaned baby mouse

Post by Jennydee1982 Sun 12 Sep 2021, 6:55 am


On Wednesday afternoon I found a roughly week old baby mouse.we were moving boxes from my MILs house and when we got home we noticed a baby mouse had come out of nowhere. We found no nest and no siblings. He was just lying on tge trailer. I scooped him up and get him situated in a bed with a heating pad. He is very active and is eating well. At first I was feeding him with a paintbrush but I don’t think he was getting enough. I found a very tiny eye dropper and he is doing much better with that. I can see his belly getting full after every feeding now. The first few poops were normal, then he started pooping bright yellow diarrhea. The last 3 times I have fed him (every 3 hours) he has only peed. His belly isn’t distended and he isn’t lethargic. He’s just not pooping now, when before it was very liquidy and every time he ate. Other than that he is doing great. I’m currently giving him kitten milk mixed with pedialyte. Diluted 2x what is recommended. 1/2 tblsp. Powder 2 tblsp pedialyte. He’s had pedialyte for most of his feedings, maybe I should be switching to mixing with water now? I’m hoping that his poop is just in the process of just hardening up since he was going so much before.

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Orphaned baby mouse Empty Re: Orphaned baby mouse

Post by cerial Sun 12 Sep 2021, 8:30 pm

Ok give him belly rubs gently stroking from the ribs down while lightly pushing down left to right as you move down. It helps if they are on there back for this so placing the mouse in a cupped hand while using a finger from the other hand to give rubs will help.

Make sure you place a towel on the heating pad and then surround it with something plastic. Once it is able to move it will find its way off the heating pad to the cold glass.

If possible try to keep a eye on the pup feeding and cleaning it till it 's ears have came off the head (7 days) or its eyes open (11) days. Once your to 11 days you wont need to do rubs and can give it soft foods.

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