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Post by mice r nice Thu 16 Sep 2021, 4:32 am

One of my mice has a tumour. It is just infront on her back leg on the flank area and is very large, it is not restricting movement yet but less than a millimeter from restricting movement. These mice are from an accident pregnancy from one of my female fancy mice, so are 1/2 wild mouse and 1/2 fancy mouse and I never had any luck taming them. She looks happy, running around exploring her rearranged house after cleaning today (when I noticed it) and didn't seem to care about it, no scabs or gnawing. Running in wheel happily and from what I can tell eating. They eat it night so I don't see and there is three of them together. Looks in good condition. I check on them and see them regularly (every day) but somehow I couldn't see this until now..
I know what to expect and am trying to keep her comfortable. When I think her quality of life has dropped I will get her euthanized. I'm devastated, but I've lost mice from tumours before.
But I'm not sure how to tell when she's ready since they are wild. Do I just check on her one day and find her lethargy? Or will she already have been suffering then?
I don't have the heart or equipment/experience to put her down myself so my plan is when she's ready to catch and take to the vet quickly and stress free as possible for a wild mouse.. I'm not sure if I should just let the vet decide how to put down or ask for something specific.
Am I going about this right? Any advice is appreciated.

mice r nice
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Post by Dee67 Thu 16 Sep 2021, 10:03 pm

What you're doing sounds right. My mouse developed a tumour, and I could plainly see when he was no longer feeling good and I brought him in for euthanasia as soon as possible so he would not suffer. He stayed in one place, with rapid breathing and a scruffy look to his fur, and shivered and didn't want any treats Do you give them specific treats they love? If he is refusing treats he loves and looks scruffy furred he's not feeling well and it's probably time. It's very hard but in their best interests. My best to you.

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