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Mice that scratches face and still likes to climb

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Mice that scratches face and still likes to  climb Empty Mice that scratches face and still likes to climb

Post by cerial Sat 18 Sep 2021, 3:49 am

I have a mouse named Munk. She is a explorer. She has done things like climbed the backside of a curtain off my desk to my ceiling and has jumped off the desk several times. I bought shorter curtains.
She has actually hurt her neck and it is crooked. But she is always happy and gets along with the other mice being super sumbissive and always curious.

I recently installed something that coats the mices backs with medication to reduce mites and the numbers drastically went down. But Munk and another fancy named Red it caused the mites to go to the ears and head. Now Red I clean and she has been good about scratching. But Munk has not and has got down to the flesh.

I clean up Munk daily wetting a towel and draping it over her which cleans the wounds and removes any mites. But she keeps scratching. Another thing is she loves to climb so part of me thinks if I trim her nails where she wont be able to scratch she also wont be able to grip onto things and could fall.

I am looking for a way to trim my mices nails and see these wheels. But the reviews are all over the place. Still I will order one soon.
The thing is my wheels can not be a perfect circle. I installed a quiet acrylic one and the got it moving fast or could not move it at all. When fast they were doing the thing where they jump and then spin around 6 or so times before being flung against a wall. I placed a stick against it and it slowed it for a bit before going back to the green plastic ones that are a bit oblong.

Back to Munk even if I trim her nails I think she is going to scratch.
So I wonder if the collars below could be a option to maybe break Munk of the habit and allow her to heal.
Or maybe they are a waste as they could simply slide off or block Munks view, or hurt her neck more.

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