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What varieties are my mice?

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What varieties are my mice? Empty What varieties are my mice?

Post by Buggirl13 Wed 13 Oct 2021, 2:44 pm

My mice are not show standard, and I'm struggling to find out what variety they are. Does anyone know? Here are some pictures of them. (technically they're just pictures of mice on the internet that look like my mice).
What varieties are my mice? 9k=Greta (the smaller mouse looks like her)
What varieties are my mice? Little-mouse-1923627

What varieties are my mice? IMG_2112a
What varieties are my mice? MXJDbIzox46dkAYRtfwsabIoLFWsSO6RL_m1JNpitEweebnEkJrhpXtaXDMaZ1w_Ht9oclAbHYo_lFIMh8hVVdbVTBaMCwaPo73JTtVLoylDaZj74TCNZW7FFOp_tuJFdLMcA5sm-iV8NSlMTiD59Q
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What varieties are my mice? Empty Re: What varieties are my mice?

Post by Kirinsara Thu 14 Oct 2021, 12:06 pm

I cannot say I know much, so I don't mind being corrected, but here are my guesses based on what I can find when studying Finnish show mice coat colour standards (as far as I know, these colour are same in American standards too):

Hester looks like "argente" to me. I'm pretty sure Paris is "red". Veda's base colour looks something like argente also, and the white band marking would make her "banded argente".

Greta's base colour looks like what in Finland is called "straw", but in American standards I think it's "gold"? She looks like she might be considered banded too, but I'm not sure. Confused
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