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Protein content in food?

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Protein content in food? Empty Protein content in food?

Post by boriswarg Fri 15 Oct 2021, 10:33 am

Can I ask why it's recommended to feed mice a protein content of only 13? I'm considering making my own homemade mix and I've read studies that say 16 percent is ideal for growth. I know it can cause hot spots but won't a protein content that low hamper growth?

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Protein content in food? Empty Re: Protein content in food?

Post by LioMeis Sat 16 Oct 2021, 5:17 pm

This is a good question! I'm no vet, but I may have a bit of an explanation:
The short answer is that it's stressful for their little kidneys to have too much protein.

It's basically the same reason people shouldn't have too much protein, in fact the way they process it is very similar to the way we do! Little mousie bodies are made to be able to handle about 12-14% protein in their diet, as that's what their body needs and can process. Taking too much for a long time can lead to it building up in the body (namely in the kidneys) and cause kidney stones, diarrhea leading to dehydration, tummy pain, itchy spots on the skin, and stress on some of the other organs as well.

It shouldn't be a problem for them to have a little too much protein from time to time, but I wouldn't recommend any more than 14% on the regular for your little fur friends personally. You could always ask your vet for more info on that too Protein content in food? 1f496

Protein content in food? 1f496 Call me Meis Protein content in food? 1f496
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Protein content in food? Empty Re: Protein content in food?

Post by cerial Sun 17 Oct 2021, 1:23 am

Forcing them to eat a "food block" may lead to issues with some mice that have different needs then others.

This is where having a mixed food dish comes in. It lets them adjust what they eat. A majority of my mice are good about eating whats good for them.

I use rice/wheat based cereal with amounds, grain based cereal, whole 100% grain rolled oats, and oyster/unsalted crackers.
For protein I use Purina Beyond simply farm raised chicken/barley dry dog food. It is easy for them to hold and move around with high protine and no bad stuff other dog foods have.
They eat around a cereal bowl of food a day of the mix. I keep the rolled oats in a sealed container and the rest in a tote.

For treats/training/rewards I give them cooked pasta, cooked rice, dry mealworms, and the ocassional annoying cricket.

I have one that loves the almonds and will dig in the food dish looking for them. The amounds make up around 5% so they are almost a treat due to the high fat. But I do have a few like Fatty who just likes to eat. She has always been overweight since a pup yet is very healthy and active. She just loves to eat and one of the deermice who has been trained to do more then move from one cage to the next during cleaning.
Protein content in food? 20210815

Fatty is the exception to the other fit mice. Even my fancys are large and not overweight. The fancys can't do things like move or jump as far/fast as the deermice. But it does not stop them from being very active.

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Protein content in food? Empty Re: Protein content in food?

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