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Does the health of a mouse decline fast?

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Does the health of a mouse decline fast? Empty Does the health of a mouse decline fast?

Post by Adoptmymouse Sat 06 Nov 2021, 10:48 pm

I’ve read somewhere before that it does, but I want confirmation. It seems like all my mice were healthy one day and then completely lethargic and unable to eat the next. I did take them to the vet whenever they seemed sick, so they were healthy just old. Can their health really decline that fast?? Like overnight?

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Does the health of a mouse decline fast? Empty Re: Does the health of a mouse decline fast?

Post by cerial Sun 07 Nov 2021, 10:44 pm

I will say first off dont give up on them to early.

My orange mouse with red eyes named "Red" had a lump on her chest over two weeks ago that grew to over 1/2" and had me thinking cancer.
But that was a cyst and she is running around now just fine.

My last orange mouse who was a large fancy with a body of over 4" grew a tumor on her chest at a very agressive rate and it went from nothing to growing over a inch and killing her within 8 days.

It comes down to the mouse. I have a mouse named Munk. She is a fearless, curious, and tough mouse. Munk is the mouse who would climb the curtains behind my desk and end up a few inches from the ceiling. I bought diffrent curtains so she could not reach them. But still let her play on the desk all the time. Then she went to sliding down the power cords to get down to the floor so I moved those so she coukd not do that. If I move the chair to close to the desk I have caught her sitting on that trying to get on the floor. Sometimes she will just lean over and flop down onto the floor. Its her being curious she loves to explore. Munk has fallen on her head a few times and if she wants to go somewhere she will take on a mouse standing up and walk right past them often calling the bluff. Munk has a crooked neck and walks crooked. But always comes(when not sleeping), is always happy, and loves being held.

When she first fell on her neck I thought Munk only had a few days or would be in pain and considered putting her down. Munk is tough and it has been over a year with her neck injured with her showing no signs of pain or a worsening condition.

It comes down to the mouse and what you feel is right. I would watch them and if it is not in pain or the condition worsening just see what happens. Of course consulting a vet is recommended.

Changing the bedding or water or food may help. A bit of diluted gatoraid can help things sometimes.

A treat like a bananna (hand fed no more then 1/4" at a time per mouse) will give there system a kick and may help clear out things as well as just being a treat in general to comfort them.

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