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Howdy! New to breeding

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Howdy! New to breeding Empty Howdy! New to breeding

Post by Micely Fri 03 Dec 2021, 11:07 pm

Good Day Everyone!

My name is Micely and I had inadvertantly got into Mice breeding because my wife got a ball python for her birthday. Her nope rope wouldnt take frozen hoppers. After contacting the breeder we got him from it turned out that he was fed a live mouse diet. That pretty much settled it.

Since then its been about 2 months now and I am slowly getting my racks up. I am using the plastic drawers from Sterilite. These drawers are rather large and take up a lot of space.

I'm really new to this scene and my wife wants nothing to do with breeding or feeding these mice. But she will handle them. Which in my opinion is silly because well they are breeding for food purposes.

My journey in the whole thing has been difficult. I have no idea what i am doing. I've learned plenty off youtube and other forums but this is the first place i have actually signed up on since this is an active community.

I am trying to determine the right space requirements needed to house 4-5 mice per drawer. with 1 male included in the count. I was hoping to cut my drawer size in have. I also have many water bottles and was looking for another alternative that would allow the mice to drink. I saw the valves but they havent figured it out yet. I'm starting with a single group of adults right now.

The town I live in doesn't have a fancy mouse breeder by any means only the 2 pets stores but only one carry hamsters. Once i get set up I would like to start selling them as pets too.

I dont have a whole lot of space right now. Any tips or advise or lessons learned that you would like to pass on would be phenomenal.

Thanks for reading!

Micely:) Smile

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