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One mouse nibbling other mouse's tail!

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One mouse nibbling other mouse's tail! Empty One mouse nibbling other mouse's tail!

Post by M O U S E Sat 18 Dec 2021, 12:22 pm

So to start from the beginning, I've noticed my girl Roisín has a little red spot at the very tip of her tail. It looks like a scab, and like half a centimeter from the tip was a little redder than her actual tail color.
Today, after administering her antibiotics and put her back into the cage I saw her cuddle buddy nibbling on someone's tail. They were sitting back to back, so I couldn't tell, but it definitely was Roisins tail she was grooming. She nibbled a few moments at the tip before moving on. Roisín was grooming her abscess, and didn't make any move to run off, but she was making sounds.

Does it seem like my other girl, Caya has been nibbling the tip of Roisins tail? How do I fix this?

Roisín is a little over a year and a half old and already suffering from an abscess on her eye. Other than Roisín, I have Caya and Basil.

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