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Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly

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Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly Empty Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly

Post by PocoBasilPacoBlackJack Thu 23 Dec 2021, 3:51 pm

Hi everyone, I just wanted to recognize the passing of my mouse Poco. Poco was the sweetest mouse. She was tiny and had various health problems. Don't tell my other mice, but I admit it, Poco was my favorite. She was spunky and made me laugh with her antics. Sadly her health had been declining rapidly. Yesterday (12/22/21) I found her sitting on top of her little blue hut. She wasn't moving and I was really worried I open the cage to see what was wrong and she tumbled off the hut onto the bedding. She couldn't stand or move that well. I didn't know if she had a broken foot/leg. I was so scared. I tried to get water and food in her and I barely succeed. I moved her to the smaller temporary cage and hoped that she would be able to heal. The next day (12/23/21) I woke up at put a pillow thing underneath her. I gave her more water and laid bits of food near her. I came back a few hours later and found she had crawled across the pillow and had fallen off and into her food bowl. When I found her I pulled her out and took her to my bathroom. She was on her side and was squirming, trying to get up. I knew she was close to the end and brought out her sister (Paco) to say goodbye. After I put Paco away Poco started seizing and fell out of my hand to the floor (I was sitting so she didn't fall far, but it was terrible to see). She was seizing on the floor before I pick her up again. After a while, she stop moving and her breathing slowed. A few minutes later she stopped breathing. She died in my hands. Poco was with me from 7/2/21 - 12/23/21. I'm not sure when she was born exactly but, I got her on July 2, 2021 (7/2/21) and she passed today December 23, 2021 (12/23/21). Goodbye Poco. I'm going to miss playing together. I'm going to miss stroking your coat and laughing when you snuggle against my hand. I'm glad you were so relaxed in my hands when you said farewell.  I'm sorry I couldn't keep you alive longer. I'm glad we bonded the way we did. I miss you already. Goodbye baby girl.  Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly 2764  Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly 1f494  Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly 1f495  Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly 1f42d  Goodbye Poco. I love you dearly 1f49e
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