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Introducing new mice trouble, advice?

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Introducing new mice trouble, advice?  Empty Introducing new mice trouble, advice?

Post by Inaiyau Sat 25 Dec 2021, 3:13 pm

Hello all!

It's been a while.
I recently got two new females from a local breeder since I lost Yuridia about a month ago and Chyme was starting to get lonely.

I tried introducing the three girls today.

I had a towel that none of the mice had ever been on and I had small animal fencing. I had them together in there for the better part of 2-2 and 1/2 hours, during which I slowly made their space smaller until it was 1/4 the size it was originally.

They got along great. The usual chasing and sniffing but by the end they would all sit in a group or run around together to find a way to escape, no issues.

I put them into the cage. With new toys that no mouse had laid claim to, and the cage itself and the dishes had been well washed a few times to get rid of scent. They did fine for a little bit.
But then started the arguing. Figured, this is normal, I've read about it.
But then it got worse.
The two new does get along great, no issues with each other, but they both keep going after Chyme.
The biggest doe (champagne and white) would chase her and corner her.
The dove grey doe, who initially got on great with Chyme, started going at her too once I had removed the champagne for a timeout.
The dove grey then got removed after she grabbed Chymes side and held her there with her teeth.

I now have all three in separate cages. But, how do I go about this?
Is that normal? The last time I bonded a pair (Chyme and Yuridia) they did none of this.
Will the two new ones ever accept her? They came unbonded so I know there's no prior bonding with them but what should I do? Keep trying until blood is drawn? Or let the new two be together and get Chyme her own cage and just give her lots of attention?

I also hit the issue of my parents. I'm not sure if they would let me get a second cage.

So yeah.. Thoughts? Words of advice? I'm not at all sure what to do here.
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Introducing new mice trouble, advice?  Empty Re: Introducing new mice trouble, advice?

Post by cerial Mon 27 Dec 2021, 7:18 pm

You are going to have dominant and submissive mice.

Mounting is normal so is a bit of excessive grooming with a new mouse. Watch for butt pulling and tail biting. I have Tan( large fit female) who chases spot (2 month old)  around and will do light butt pulling.
Spot will sometimes turn around and chase tan or jump into a pile of the deer mice who dont like Tan and will stand up protecting spot.

I find its better to just watch the mice close for a few days and if there is no blood let them work things out.

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