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New Mouse Owner: Potential Bedding Allergies?

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New Mouse Owner: Potential Bedding Allergies? Empty New Mouse Owner: Potential Bedding Allergies?

Post by ChronicNoOne Thu 20 Jan 2022, 11:01 pm

Hello there!

I just barely adopted my first mouse yesterday from a local Petco. So far, he has been very alert and curious. I have him set up in a little ten-gallon, with a wire extension on top that gives him some extra room.

I've been noticing, however, that sometimes he'll come up from digging his little burrows to sneeze and scratch. He doesn't seem to have any redness or bumps, and his nose doesn't seem like it's running at all. Sometimes he takes naps up on the wire top- which seems a little breezy and uncomfortable for him. I currently have him in some care fresh paper bedding, so I was hoping allergens and irritants wouldn't be a problem.

Since I just got the little guy yesterday, I need a little advice. I understand that petco can sometimes not provide the very best care for their animals- should I wait a little while to see if it's just the transition to a new environment that's bugging him, or should I dig all the bedding out and try to get him something else?

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you so much!

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