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confusion on mouse seed mixes

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confusion on mouse seed mixes Empty confusion on mouse seed mixes

Post by xandraxotics Mon 14 Mar 2022, 8:37 pm

so ive been doing more research on mice recently and im trying to find the best food available to me (i live in canada so not the greatest options) and im seeing the brown's tropical carnival hamster and gerbil food is highly recommended but it contains raisins which some people say are toxic? extremely confused, another is the higgins sunburst hamster and gerbil food which also contains raisins. im very stuck and need help on what to do as i was gonna use those two in my mix. any other recommendations or info on the raisin situation? im worried about picking them out as it throws off the GA

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confusion on mouse seed mixes Empty Re: confusion on mouse seed mixes

Post by ControlCoreAngel Fri 18 Mar 2022, 12:05 am

raisins and grapes are toxic in high amounts. you can give them a little bit, and in fact, i tend to give my mice a bit too! mind you, all of my mice hate raisins so much so they always kick them aside.

there's not actually a lot of proof stating one way or the other. most mice who eat grapes are fine. i imagine it's the seeds, which raisins don't come with.
even on pmf, this comes up a fair bit.

for variety food, i suggest kaytee's fiesta blends!
rat food also works for mice, and generally hamster food will too. birdseed mixes normally will too, just make sure there's no peppers or spicy things in them.


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confusion on mouse seed mixes Empty Re: confusion on mouse seed mixes

Post by cerial Fri 18 Mar 2022, 2:46 pm

I buy grain, oats, and wheat based cereal then buy high protine working dog food.
Avoid anything that uses corn as a base. Watch the salt levels also.
The cereal has sweet almond slices that frankly they dig out first throwing food all over.

Treats include toasted bread, live mealworms(hidden 1 gallon pale 1/2 full of loose dirt), live wild crickets, live wild grasshoppers, carrots, cooked rice/pasta/chicken/fish(that's left over).

The bread and whole carrots make a good "community" food to have mice that would otherwise stay away from each other rubbing shoulders. Some of my mice will pick up whole baby carrots. Some drag them. But a few actually pick up the entire baby carrot. Which was surprising the first time I seen it.

Sweet almond(make sure to only use sweet) slices make great training treats. I can give them these by hand. A few will chase me around when changing water trying to get almond treats.

I use branches/sticks throughout the cage and they chew these sometimes eating the bark. I replace these every 2 weeks so they have lots of fresh things to chew and climb on. Not a part of the intended diet. But I don't notice bark when cleaning the cage so they must be eating it.

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confusion on mouse seed mixes Empty Re: confusion on mouse seed mixes

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