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Orphaned baby mouse—help!

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Orphaned baby mouse—help!  Empty Orphaned baby mouse—help!

Post by morrisTHEmouse Mon 28 Mar 2022, 1:21 pm

Hi we rescued a 5-6 day old baby mouse from a snake. He is eating diluted KMR every 2 hours and keeping warm with a heating pad under half his tank. But I’m worried. He’s pooping fairly regularly but doesn’t seem to be peeing when we do the Q tip trick. Could he be going on his own? His eyes are still closed. He has fur all over except belly. Ears are thin but seem to be developed and are pointed back toward his tail. We still see the white milk belly after a feed.

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Orphaned baby mouse—help!  Empty Re: Orphaned baby mouse—help!

Post by cerial Mon 28 Mar 2022, 4:33 pm

Pinkies are extremely hard to care for.
Keep doing what your doing and keep an eye on him as much as you can.

They will pee on there own. But still need help pooping. They will also move off the heating pad as soon as they can move.
Make sure to have no part of the tank exposed as they will move over to the cold glass. I dont know why but they like to explore and will get to the cold glass. I set a towel down and use a heating lamp to keep the air inside the tank around 65ish degrees. I then place pillow case on top of the towel in the tank making a little "cup" for them to lay in. Make it go up the sides so they can not get under the pillow case.

You will sed pee marks on the pillow case to let you know they are peeing. If possible try to feed them holding the syringe under the mouth. This avoids it going up the nose. A 5 gallon is great for one to 4 pinkies. Not to big that they will wander off. But still big enough for one or two when they are 2 weeks old.
After 10 days(the belly will be gone at 6 and full fur by 10) make sure you have a lid on. They become very active once the eyes open days and a toy is recommended.
I like to keep them till at least 21 days before releasing them by placing the tank in my barn or shed with the lid off. I leave some food in the tank. But it is almost never touched when I remove the tank 2 days later.

Of course that wont keep them out of the house if they want in during the winter.
Orphaned baby mouse—help!  20220110

See the little hop spots? Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy

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