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Ailing mouse

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Ailing mouse Empty Ailing mouse

Post by oliviagrace29 Sun 01 May 2022, 8:33 pm

My 1.5ish year-old brindle (a pet store rescue) came out of her hide just now and she seems to be ailing pretty rapidly- unsteady on her feet, lethargic, not responsive to touch (which is weird because she’s never let me touch her at all).  She’s had health issues before but something about her symptoms now makes me feel that this is it.  I filled her water, food, and gave her and her sister treats and sliced cucumbers to keep her hydrated if she can’t get to the water… what do you all do to care for your mice towards the end?  I’d just like her to be peaceful and stress-free.  It’s so hard accepting that it might be time to just let go.  Any suggestions and advice are welcome. 🙏

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