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Brindle chonk

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Brindle chonk Empty Brindle chonk

Post by mousiemouses Fri 10 Jun 2022, 12:23 pm

I recently adopted some brindle mice, and one of them is becoming very chunky. She looks pregnant because of her tear drop shape, but I am pretty confident that she's just fat. She lives with mice that I'm 100% sure are female, and I've had her for longer than a mouses gestational period so I know she didn't come to me pregnant.

That being said, I read on here that brindle mice are prone to obesity. I also adopted some splash mice, are these different from brindle, or do they likely have the chunky gene as well?

Up until the last month or two, I have owned primarily siamese mice who have all been so long and slim, so I am learning all new things about mice colors and patterns!

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