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Allergy - Environmental?

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Allergy - Environmental? Empty Allergy - Environmental?

Post by extralizard13 Sat 25 Jun 2022, 1:51 pm

Hey ya'll!

So, three of our mice seem to be reacting to an allergen in the environment. I would typically go to a vet, but we're having trouble finding one that will see mice (which is wild; I'm a zookeeper; I know a LOT of vets, but most have zero openings and most in our area do not see mice).

I've put the troupe on a limited diet, but may have to restrict it further, or attempt the all-rice diet.

My second theory is that it may be a bedding issue, except they are on JUST paper bedding, and currently am going to attempt seeing if it is the type/brand of bedding (I use a mix of shredded paper & SPS's paper).

Any other suggestions? Or what to do if they ARE allergic to paper bedding? My only theory besides diet/bedding is that perhaps they are allergic to dust (I live in SoCal & it does get very dusty here; admittedly I don't clean as often as I'd like, mostly due to being so severely busy, but I may have to make more of an attempt just in case--and no, we don't use anything scented/etc) or perhaps a specific pollen.

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