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Mouse Has Dandruff - How can I Help Her

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Mouse Has Dandruff - How can I Help Her Empty Mouse Has Dandruff - How can I Help Her

Post by Bahitskiy Wed 27 Jul 2022, 7:38 am

My black tan mouse has small white specs on her fur - some looks like pieces of fluff since the shape is curved (not sure where that’s from - maybe the white bedding mixed with her aspen) but others are circular. I’m not sure how to help. She’s the only one of 6 affected. Her coat has looked dull and slightly oily since I got her from our breeder in April. She came with her siblings, same coat type, who aren’t affected. She isn’t scratching her fur but there has been some fur loss which I believed was due to one of the mice overgrooming her or from heat stress (it has grown back a bit now that the temperature is cooler).

I had considered it was her diet but I’ve calculated it to have the advised nutritional values and lots of variety from my research (5% fat, 15% protein). Our exotic vet left and their replacement admitted to not knowing much about mice or how to help. She hasn’t been itching so I hope it isn’t mites, but I’ll be getting her treatment for that just to be safe. Any advice?

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