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Sick Mice?

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Sick Mice? Empty Sick Mice?

Post by Inaiyau Mon 01 Aug 2022, 6:10 pm

Hey guys!

I'm concerned that two of my girls may be ill.

Rhyme, Thyme, and Chyme share a cage, so I haven't separated. For the last 1-2 days Thyme has felt warmer than usual when I pick her up so I'm worried about a possible fever. Chyme has also been sneezing for the last few days (not consistently, but I've heard her a few times).

All three are still eating and drinking (I've watched them) and are passing normal stools. When I hold them up to listen to their breathing I don't hear clicking or rasping, and Thyme is still talking up a storm with no major change to her voice. They have been spending more time resting, but they're still climbing the bars and all.

My family has had covid run through our household recently (I myself am still on the mend), is it possible they could have caught it?
They didn't catch it the last time we had it run through but I was still cautious with them this time, though they are in my room which likely lead to them catching it. If that's what it is.

I guess my questions are..
Do I need to take them to the vet as soon as possible? Or should I just watch them for signs of change?

Thank you!
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