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Post by Katronix Thu 04 Aug 2022, 4:59 pm

Greetings all,

Recently got a couple of mice, due to holding on to girl friend's brother's snake, originally these mice were bought for the snake. However I've decided to keep these mice.

Currently they are staying in an aquarium with a mesh top to provide for air. As this will eventually go back to the brother I originally purchased a some of the information I've read since then suggests this was a bad idea but others has suggested that I could use some of the components it came with such as the tunnels, and perhaps other pieces it came with in an acceptable setup.

I'm looking for opinions please.

Also since the mice have been in the aquarium my girlfriend and my cat has been much more calmer spending hours of his time looking at the mice, though sometimes he will also scratch at the aquarium if they are close to him. Most of the time they seem to ignore him, though there have been some times they may have ran from him into the fake rock in the tank.

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Post by m00n Tue 30 Aug 2022, 8:38 am

How sweet! An important thing to note with your mice is that because they were bred for snake food they are much more likely to have health issues and less friendly temperaments. Secondly, I would advise checking the sex of the mice since snake food mice are often all grouped together.
Crittertrails are notoriously bad for mice due to their size, limited ventilation, and hard-to-clean components. I think keeping the tunnels would be a good idea as long as you can thoroughly clean them!
I recommend looking through the archived posts here under Mouse Products, Mouse Housing, Mouse Behaviour, and Nutrition. Emiology on youtube also has a fantastic Mouse Basics video!
I hope I'm not too late to replying and also not overstepping!


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