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Taming a rescue mouse?

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Taming a rescue mouse? Empty Taming a rescue mouse?

Post by Klausthemouse Fri 19 Aug 2022, 1:38 am

I was wondering if anyone has experience of adopting and taming a rescue mouse?

Until recently I had a lovely little mouse called Klaus. I had him from a baby - he was super tame and loved spending time with me and being cuddled. Sadly he passed away earlier this week Sad he lived to a good old age and often took naps on my lap later in life. He recognised my voice and smell and often chirped when he was happy.

There's an animal rescue centre for abandoned animals near me and they have a couple of fancy mice. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another mouse just yet, but if I do get another, I was thinking that adopting a rescue would be a lovely thing to do.

These mice tend to be between 6-12 months old. I'm a little worried about taming and befriending them, as I'm not sure what they've gone through in their lives. Has anyone adopted a mouse before from a rescue centre? What was their temperament like, and were you able to tame them and have a good relationship with them eventually? Was it anything like my relationship with Klaus?

I'd like to give one of these little guys a better chance in life, in Klaus's memory.

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