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Clicking + Chronic-seeming + help?

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Clicking + Chronic-seeming + help? Empty Clicking + Chronic-seeming + help?

Post by ceridwen Mon 12 Sep 2022, 12:02 am


I have 3 mice, and the one with the problems is ~1 year at this point. She has always had a kind of latent runny eye, which didn't seem to give her problems (she never had any other kind of resp. symptoms until recently.)

I took her to the vet along with my old girl who was having more pressing health issues at the time, and they prescribed her SMZ-TMP suspension, which she did for 14 days with no improvement. Afterwards, her eye started to get red and irritated (still with no other resp. symptoms.) so she got a prescription for enroflaxcin (which I assume is the generic version of Baytril?) I just finished that 14 day course, also with no improvement. Initially it did seem to help a little, which is why I didn't go back to the vet until the course was over, with hopes of it improving.

Now she is "clicking" and squeaking/flinching (I assume that's from sneezing, although maybe it could be her sight being affected by the irritated eye? Like shes getting startled?) Otherwise, she is still eating and drinking, and being active.

She has a vet appointment within the next week, since my vet is closed over the weekend. I would have done it sooner but I was in isolation for COVID!

My question is, has anybody had a mouse come back from this? I love her dearly and feel really bad about being unable to help her for so long, despite the efforts I was told would work. I don't know if they'd recommend euthanasia at the vet, since she is still eating/drinking/walking around..

Should I inquire about any other health issues, besides a respiratory infection? It seemed more like an eye infection up until now but I was trying to trust the vet... it just seems rather hopeless since so many things haven't helped. I don't know how it could have progressed more even when she was actively on Baytril!

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