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possible eye infection??

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possible eye infection?? Empty possible eye infection??

Post by juniperandbramble Sat 01 Oct 2022, 4:29 am

hi everyone, I've recently noticed that the top rim of m mouse's eyelid is turned inflated and yellow. I've had her for almost a year and nothing like this has happened before. Also, the fur around her eye is scraggly and weird. I'll try to provide a photo when theres better lighting tomorrow. I use wood shavings as bedding, they are reasonable big chunks, i spot clean their cage once every 2 days and I do a fully clean around every 2-3 weeks. She eats specialsed mouse pellets and some oats as a treat once in a while. She has another cage mate and the cage mate seems completely fine, both eyes are normal. I dont know what I should do, please help. Should I clean the cage (it's due for a clean soon) and see if she gets better or should I bring her to the vet asap? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks.

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