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Taking Bad Care Of My Dying Mouse…

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Taking Bad Care Of My Dying Mouse… Empty Taking Bad Care Of My Dying Mouse…

Post by River Sat 15 Oct 2022, 6:49 pm

Okay, the title is clickbait. Kinda.

Goose has been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw. As it was already eating away at the bone, we know he doesn’t have long and will be euthanized. But for now, he’s eating fine and is on painkillers…

And I did something I’ve never done. I started taking “bad” care of him. He’s eating all sorts of sugary treats and unhealthy snacks. And he’s so happy! I figured, well, he’s dying. He likely doesn’t have long enough for this terrible food to harm him. And I’m glad I did…his last days have been paradise for him.

Just an update on the guys. Otter has aged much slower and is a perfectly scrappy mouse, while Goose has been fully blind for a few months now. Funny considering they’re related!

Goose & Otter* ♂ 
Remembering Mr. Bald ♂, Tipsy, Topsy, Maier, Graham & Garcia ♀
*Neutered male group. Do not house intact males together.*

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Taking Bad Care Of My Dying Mouse… Empty Re: Taking Bad Care Of My Dying Mouse…

Post by Misty Tue 18 Oct 2022, 12:36 am

Sorry to hear your little guy has reached the end. It goes so quick with mice.

Though I love this approach, it's so bitter sweet. I think I'll adopt the strategy with end of life mice chez moi as well.

Thank you.

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