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Some questions

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Some questions Empty Some questions

Post by animalgirl555 Sun 23 Oct 2022, 5:04 pm

So recently I got two mice, which I was told were males but could be kept together. Later as I was doing some extra research, I found out that even if the mice are brothers, they cannot be kept together. I returned one mouse, and then as my other mouse, Boba, got older, I realized his, er-parts looked a lot like a female's. I checked his gender, just to make sure, and he's a SHE! I got Boba a new friend and the two seemed to be getting along, but Boba keeps punking my other mouse, Misty. What can I do to help them get along?

Also, Misty seems to have a bad leg ( I just noticed) and she seems to not use it that often. Is it a broken leg or something? She can walk with it, and she seems to be moving around just fine but I am a bit concerned Sad

Thanks for reading until the end! Smile
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