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Males fighting

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Males fighting  Empty Males fighting

Post by Ashley89@ Tue 01 Nov 2022, 1:51 pm

So I have three male mice. They were from the same litter. Well once I separated them I had an escapee.... Well now I have several pregnant females. Anyway... They started fighting. Drawing blood. Is it because one has mated? They fight evertime they are together and I'm worried that one of them is getting very depressed.what can I do? I have them all separated now. I think he is lonely.

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Males fighting  Empty Re: Males fighting

Post by cerial Wed 02 Nov 2022, 5:59 am

Ok. Males from the same litter can get along. But I will say this in the least graphical way possible. Once a male leaves the group and smells diffrent it is considered an outsider. 9/10 times your going to have fighting and a majority of that will result in the outsider mouses death.

There is a diffrence between dominance and deadly fighting amoung males. If your lucky you will see tail bites and such before you get into the bad stuff.

With my deers I know 100% if they get out they will be killed if reintroduced. My male deers like my male feeders. But I introduced the feeders in a way where they could be smelled for days by the other mice getting the other mices scemt on them before finally introducing them. Even then my agressive fancy became more agressive.

Now I have a male deer mouse named Grey who was scared of everything. He was grey because of all the stress. I have video of him chirping he is so scared. Going into heavy defence mode. I housed him seperetly and he enjoyed it still scared of everything but he was healthier. I picked up some feeders 2 weeks ago and after one of them had her tail bit and shortened I placed Shorty with Grey. He was of course scared but after a few days they were sleeping together and he is happy. She is still learning the schedule but for the most part they compliment each other.

The mice in the big tank get up at midnight, run till 1230, run again at 330, sleep till 730 when I feed them eat and run till 8 sleep till 5pm run some more then around 9 run before sleeping. Everyone is up and hyper at 330(all the wheels and lots of fast running) the rest of the time some are sleeping and some awake.

Grey runs at 330am and again at 7pm. But is otherwise quiet. Shorty has picked up when he sleeps. But likes to run alot. She is slowly figuring out that she sleeps when I do though. With her complaining with me keeping her up to get her on a schedule.

Now you can have mice in seperate tanks and as long as they can see each other they will interact. You will have them running on wheels and drinking at the same time. Males can be tricky. Once one has left the group I would not introduce him again or do so very carefully watching for fights over several hours.

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